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When Characters Go Bad

If you hang out around writers for long, you may hear them complain about their characters as if they were real people. No, we aren’t crazy. We know they aren’t actual people. But we spend so much time with them

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The Playlist

So someone pointed out I didn’t really discuss who I’m listening to these days as inspiration. I figured I would remedy that with a new post. Most of what I like can be considered independent artists. They aren’t affiliated with

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Feeling the Music: Picking the Right Soundtrack

Every project is different. From genre, target audience and length to the inspiration behind the piece. I grew up loving music. To this day I find I concentrate better with music on in the background. At this point I’ve listened

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Unplanned Origins

I’m not sure what the fascination is with where writers get their ideas but it definitely exists.  I’m guilty of it as a fan of certain authors for inquiring about their inspirations.  So I thought I would share where the

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Hey everyone and welcome to my official website.  Since I’ve landed my first publishing contract, I figured I ought to get going on my own little corner of the web. I’ll be updating you all through the process of content

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