Stand Alones

Here you’ll find a list of my stand alone titles in various genres.


Shannon Atwater battles feelings of inequality in her marriage when her husband tells her she’ll have to be the primary caregiver for baby number four.  Faced with the choice of whether or not to terminate one of their twins in order to have a healthy pregnancy, Lisbeth Marquez and her partner clash over why they’re creating a family in the first place and Lisbeth fears her parents will never accept she’s married to a woman. Abandoned by her boyfriend, Renee Blackwell faces the difficult road of single parenthood.  Party girl Erika Lind worries her lifestyle has affected her unborn baby.  She joins AA and finds herself torn between her handsome AA sponsor and her ex-boyfriend who re-enters her life.  Over the months the four women become a family, sharing yoga poses and each other’s strength in order to rebuild and reassess their relationships.

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Archangel Rising: Volume 1

Two years after being institutionalized for seeing sordid secrets she couldn’t possibly know, 20-year-old Via Carsone is free, believing that her visions are a thing of the past. But returning home proves more than she can handle and her visions return with the unrelenting need to punish. Before she can catch her breath, bodies begin piling up, all dead by her hand. Before long, she meets Kylie Somerset, a young woman who claims to have answers about Via’s true identity: the visions and death are products of her angelic genes. When an old friend falls victim to Via’s violent nature, she swears to rid herself of her angelic burden. She is on a collision course with Eoin Rourke, a mysterious stranger, as he races to make a dangerous trade that would keep Via from losing her wings. When the time comes to relinquish her gifts though, she learns a terrible truth about her newest friend. Choices that were once black and white are no longer what they seemed.

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