About the Hunted series

Can a vampire and a Hunter find common ground in a world where society has subjucated the undead to the point of second-class citzenship?

hunted (Book 1)

Edith spent the last 100 years of her vampire existence longing for a fmaily that was almost hers. Darren has vowed to eradicae as many vampires as possible to avengue his murdered parents. When Darren’s younger brother, Dan, goes missing at a vampire recruitment event, his search leads him right into Edith’s orbit. When a string of murders tears through the recruitment weekend, Dan lands at the center of a mock trial with real consequences. Forced to work together to save Dan’s life, Edith and Darren’s connection sparks new life in them both. If they make it out alive, they may discover both monsters and men are capable of love.