About the Evolutionary Romance series

Three teenagers with superpowers are just looking fora little love as they hunt down the origins of their abilities. What they find will change their lives forever.

emotional connection (book 1)

Having superpowers isn’t as super as it sounds. Spencer’s life is constantly turned upside down by secrets and feelings he can’t share– not to mention that being able to read people’s minds really messes with your relationships. Marisol isn’t looking for love, not after her last relationship ended with probation and a restraining order, but she can’t deny the growing attraction she feels for Spencer. And when the powers she didn’t know she had reveal themselves, it seems like fate. Only it’s science, a twisted conspiracy that began at their conception, and as far as Marisol is concerned, ends now. But ending things is not that simple. They can’t deny their feelings, and they can’t just walk away. Determined to know the truth, they set out on a quest that will challenge everything they thought they knew and everything they hoped their futures would be.

physical attraction (book 2)

Declan may be super strong with hands like steel, but on the inside, he’s terrified to share the truth about his sexuality with anyone. Only one person knows the truth— because it’s damn hard to keep a secret from an empath. But when he’s partnered with Henry, who smolders in more ways than one, Declan can’t fight the attraction. Henry has been unlucky in love thanks to the extra heat he brings to any romance. With pyrokinetic abilities, he’s been burned far too many times. But, with Declan, he hopes things will be different. If they can get past that first date! And if the secret he harbors doesn’t tear them apart. Will they both give in to the physical attraction burning between them? Or will the truth about Henry’s past be enough to break a man of steel?

magnetic chemistry (book 3)

Tina s magnetic superpowers have never been enough to attract her mother’s attention let alone romantic prospects. Not until the father she never knew reappears in her life with a warning: she is nothing more than a weapon to her mother. Now she must find a way out of her mother’s shadow—a task that begins to feel insurmountable when she discovers the guy she may love could be just as evil. Reese, a rookie cop with telekinetic powers of his own, is a rule follower at all costs…right up until he realizes he may be on the losing side of the brewing battle and the “cost” may be the girl he’s falling for. If he places his trust in the opposing side, however, things could turn deadly for them both. In an ultimate showdown of powers, Tina and Reese must risk either their magnetic chemistry or their lives to put an end to a dangerous experiment gone awry. Does love conquer all, or will one of them be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice?