Brothers In Arms


Reverend Margot Quade Mysteries Book 6 available in ePub or MOBI

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Does time heal all wounds?

Port Marie’s Veteran’s Day celebration and parade reunites Reverend Margot Quade with her old army buddy Derek Nesbit. He’s finally at peace with the death of his uncle and both believe they’ve put their past overseas behind them. Fate has other plans.

When Derek and Sam vanish at the end of the parade, Margot fears something is amiss. A ransom note with the promise that at least one won’t survive the day confirms her suspicions. Now, she is left to chase down the ghosts of her military past in the hopes of bringing her family home safe. Even if it means ignoring police directives.

With time running short, Margot uncovers a shocking truth about a comrade who made the ultimate sacrifice. Determined to not let history repeat itself, Margot races headlong into danger, with only a prayer that the Lord will see her through.

When she discovers a link between the victims that points to a perpetrator, she races against the clock, praying she’s not too late to repair the damage done by a broken soul.


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