Cast The First Stone


Reverend Margot Quade Mysteries Book 3 available in ePub or MOBI

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Can she forgive the sins of the past?

When a casual jog turns into a missing persons discovery, Reverend Margot iQuade s thrown off her game. Turns out, the wounded woman she found begging her for help is her high school best friend Olivia Van Ness, a woman presumed dead for over fifteen years.

The disappearance of Olivia and her twin sister Penelope has always haunted Margot, and now she refuses to sit idly by as Sam searches for answers. Margot is definitely on the case, even as Olivia is hesitant to give over information about her captivity and what really happened to her sister.

Sleuthing leads Margot to a ready made suspect, Penelope’s high-school boyfriend, but even that clue is not all it appears to be. Nothing about this case makes sense on the surface. That means Margot has to go deep. And that means danger.

As Margot tries to unravel the truth, reaching out to people she thought she could trust, she finds herself in the literal crosshairs, a target marked for death. But struggling Margot wonders if even she is without sin in this case. When details from their past start to emerge, no one is spared in the harsh light of truth.

Can Margot take off the blinders of her youth and get to the bottom of the case before someone who wants them all dead finishes what they started?


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