Love Thy Neighbor


Reverend Margot Quade Mysteries Book 5 available in ePub or MOBI

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Will faith unify a broken community?

A year and a half after accepting the calling to return to her home church in Port Marie, Reverend Margot Quade is finally moving into the parsonage. The festivities to celebrate the move come to a painful halt when one of the attendees falls gravely ill.

The symptoms of a stroke mask the true crime as Margot and Sam search for answers. The case leads Margot to uncover a longstanding feud between the victim, a Muslim, and the neighboring Jewish family. When the neighbor falls ill with the same symptoms, Margot wonders if someone is using the feud as a cover to target families of faith.

When she discovers a link between the victims that points to a perpetrator, she races against the clock, praying she’s not too late to repair the damage done by a broken soul.


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