Luck Breaker


Kismet Academy Book 2 available in ePub or MOBI

Available on October 8, 2022

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Wish in one hand, djinn in the other…

Secrets, lies, and visions of a coming darkness haunt Mae Lin as she reenters Kismet Academy for her second term. But her connection to Basir has grown increasingly stronger, and with it, her wisher magic...and her feelings for the djinn. She's just not sure if she can trust them to be true.

But what she does trust are the recurring visions she and Basir share. The darkness she foresaw resurrects an enemy from Basir's past and a rivalry he thought long extinguished. One that threatens all their lives and the academy itself.

With nothing more to go on, Mae Lin must reunite with old friends and an enemy and use their collective magic to find a way to stop the oncoming storm. But the fortune her grandmother made looms over her still, and if it comes to pass, Mae Lin will be in even greater danger. The kind she may not be able to overcome.


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