My Brother’s Keeper


Reverend Margot Quade Mysteries Book 4 available in ePub or MOBI

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Is blood truly thicker than water?

After the year she’s had, Reverend Margot Quade is ready to spend New Years at a cozy bed and breakfast to recharge. The Lord has other ideas. The other guests are desperately in need of some pastoral counseling: a married couple at odds, a young woman with a dark secret and a solider headed off for a tour of duty. When the soldier, Private Parker, ends up dead, Margot can’t help but investigate.

Without her usual crime fighting partner, Margot teams up with another amateur sleuth to find the truth. At first glance, no one seems like the obvious suspect and when Private Parker’s belongings go missing, Margot suspects there’s more to the young soldier than meets the eye.

As evidence points to one of the guests, Margot digs into the connections linking the victim and the potential killer. What she finds threatens to expose a deadly secret. One that could ruin more lives if not brought to light.


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