The Sacrificial Lamb


Reverend Margot Quade Mysteries Book 2

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Can Reverend Margot Quade save that which is lost before it’s too late?

Spring has come to Port Marie, Vermont, shedding new light on old mysteries. Margot has discovered two sets of skeletal remains buried in the wall of the church basement. And even though her police officer cousin Sam warned her to stay out of the case, Margot can’t help herself. After all, it’s her church, her domain, and her responsibility to protect her flock.

Hoping for answers, Margot seeks out Conrad Baptiste, the former church Custodian, and becomes reacquainted with a loss from his past-- his teenage son who went missing twenty years ago has been identified as one of the bodies.

Then, when a new twist in the case has Margot digging into the disappearance of two other boys who looked eerily similar to Conrad’s son, a disturbing pattern is revealed. Now, with a fourth boy missing, Margot can’t sit this one out. She ignores Sam’s orders to stay away and races to the church, knowing that if she doesn’t get there in time, another boy’s life will be lost.

Will the good reverend be able to save him and solve the old mystery without losing her own life? Or has she dug a little too deep into the past to find her way out?

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