Seasons of Magic Volume 2


Seasons of Magic series 2-book bundle (Books 3 & 4) available in ePub or MOBI

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For every Savior there is a destiny.

When members of the Council lose their magic, Ezri scrambles to unearth the how and why. She has no doubt the Order is behind the attacks. And with another prophecy looming, time is in short supply. Her search takes her to the wilds of Ireland and the origin of her own magic. Answers may lie there but pursuing them leaves her community undefended. As she seeks justice for a fallen ally, the enemy taunts her at every turn. Each step threatens her resolve, making her question her title of Savior. But when darkness reigns, can she stand as a beacon of light? Or will she make the ultimate sacrifice to defend her world?

SEASONS OF MAGIC VOL. 2 contains the last two books in the Seasons of Magic Urban Fantasy series: Autumn’s Legacy and Winter’s Reckoning. This series is full of strong female leads, exciting magic and mystery.


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