Autumn’s Legacy

Seasons of Magic Book 3

Stolen magic.A cryptic prophecy. One witch must trace her past to save the future.

The Autumnal Equinox promises to return the balance of power between good and evil to an even playing field, but Detective Ezri Trenton is on high alert. After using the power of the equinox six months earlier, she has no doubt the Order of Samael will try again.

When the Authority’s Council members and their families begin losing their magic, Ezri must find a way to protect their bloodlines. Without the Council, light magic is at risk of losing its footing in the world.

Refusing to let the Order dismantle the body that keeps law and order, Ezri looks to her own magical roots for answers. As light magic continues to dwindle, Ezri and her allies travel to Ireland in the hopes of finding ancient magic to restore the stolen magic. Can Ezri return what was taken or will she be left to face the coming storm alone?

Available 9/18/20