Emotional Connection

Evolutionary Romance Book 1

There’s was an emotional connection, a true love. Or so they thought.

Having superpowers isn’t as super as it sounds. Spencer’s life is constantly turned upside down by secrets and feelings he can’t share– not to mention that being able to read people’s minds really messes with your relationships. The closest he’s come to romance and a normal relationship is online with a girl he’s convinced is his soulmate. But they’ve only ever been just friends. Until they meet . . .

Marisol Esparza isn’t looking for love, not after her last relationship ended with probation and a restraining order, but she can’t deny the growing attraction she feels for Spencer. And when the powers she didn’t know she had reveal themselves, it seems like fate. Only it’s science, a twisted conspiracy that began at their conception, and as far as Marisol is concerned, ends now.

But ending things is not that simple. They can’t deny their feelings, and they can’t just walk away. Determined to know the truth, they set out on a quest that will challenge everything they thought they knew and everything they hoped their futures would be.

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