Gabriel’s Scroll

Celestial Academy Book 2

A lost relic. An attempted kidnapping. A mystery to unravel.

Finding her place at Celestial Academy as the only Fallen is tougher than Zuri expects.  She has to try ten times harder to fit in and show that Fallen and Archangels can coexist. Every day spent on campus brings her closer to Miry, a friend she never thought she’d have. When Zuri nearly becomes the latest kidnapping victim—disappearances Archangel Michael ignores—she and Miry set out to hunt down the kidnapper and stop them before more kids vanish.

Miry hopes having Zuri as her first ever best friend will make life less lonely. Nearly losing her to the campus kidnapper only makes Miry cling harder, much to the annoyance of her boyfriend, Chris. No one is thrilled to chase down Gabriel’s Scroll, especially when it means paying Miry’s hyper-religious mother a visit.

But the scroll, which contains record of every angelic birth and death throughout history, even ones yet to pass,  holds their only clue to who might be kidnapped next.  Why is Miry’s death date already recorded? Can they stop the kidnapper in time or will Miry’s world come to an abrupt end?

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