Hunted Book 1

After centuries of violent civil war and social injustice, can humans and vampires co-exist, let alone love one another?

Edith Dorset spent the last century of her vampire afterlife clinging to the memory of her dead fiancé, Daniel. Despite clan rules about leaving one’s mortal life behind, Edith refuses to relinquish her connection to the family that was almost hers—even after she fears she’s lost them all forever. Until a handsome Hunter crosses her threshold with a disarming smile and a deadly agenda.

Darren Paxton’s mission in life following the brutal death of his parents at the hands of vampires is simple: take out as many bloodsuckers as possible. When his younger brother, Dan, goes missing at a live action role play event the Hunters long suspected as a front for vampire recruitment efforts, Darren goes behind enemy lines to save the only family he has left—sending him right into the center of Edith’s life.

When a string of murders tears through the recruitment weekend, Dan lands at the center of a mock trial with real consequences. Forced to work together to save Dan’s life, Edith and Darren’s connection sparks new life in them both. If they make it out alive, they may discover both monsters and men are capable of love.

Available 11/17/20