Magnetic Chemistry

Evolutionary Romance Book 3

Attraction can be deadly when magnetic forces are at play.

Tina Boudreau’s magnetic super powers have never been enough to attract her mother’s attention let alone romantic prospects. Not until the father she never knew reappears in her life with a warning: she is nothing more than a weapon to her mother. Now she must find a way out of her mother’s shadow—a task that begins to feel insurmountable when she discovers the guy she may love could be just as evil. 

Reese Finley, a rookie cop with telekinetic powers of his own, is a rule follower at all costs…right up until he realizes he may be on the losing side of the brewing battle and the “cost” may be the girl he’s falling for. If he places his trust in the opposing side, however, things could turn deadly for them both.

In an ultimate showdown of powers, Tina and Reese must risk either their magnetic chemistry or their lives to put an end to a dangerous experiment gone awry. Does love conquer all, or will one of them be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice? 

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