Michael’s Blade

Celestial Academy Book 4

A powerful relic. An impending war. A romance in jeopardy.

With the second Heavenly War on the verge of erupting, Zuri and Miry race to claim Micheal’s Blade before he can use it against Lucifer. But that means venturing into Heaven, a place that could destroy Zuri. After all the threats to her life, she hesitates to take that step, even if it means protecting her family and continuing her newfound relationship with Miry.

Miry refuses to lose the girl who has captured her heart. As they gather their allies to face off against Michael, she must come to terms with the fact she might not make it out of the conflict alive.

The Angel of Death still has a claim on Miry’s soul and he’s done waiting. Can two girls who never should have been together rise above the world-ending wrath of an Archangel stuck in the past to save each other and humanity?

Coming 1/22/2021