Muse Song

Muse Song Book 1

A world without the arts sounds like Hell on Earth and that’s just what Hades is counting on. Caught in the never-ending battle between good and evil, the Greek Muses stand to lose everything they hold dear. But there is hope if only they can remember who they are!

For fifteen-year-old Abbie Rollands, life never quite makes sense. Unexplainable outbursts by her classmates turns her into the target of ridicule by teachers and students alike. The one bright spot in her miserable existence is her almost-boyfriend, Liam Sullivan-Gray. But, will Liam’s secret snuff that light out?

Liam hasn’t told Abbie that he’s the son of Hades, or that he can see the auras of Greek Gods, including Muses like herself. He fears telling her would jeopardize their burgeoning romantic relationship but her ignorance lands her in his father’s clutches as the centerpiece of a world-ending plan.

In captivity, Abbie rediscovers her true identity as the Muse Euterpe. But the truth may not be enough to set her free. Liam thinks he’s on a rescue mission to save his would-be girlfriend but his own freedom and his sanity hang in the balance. Can Abbie break free of her prison in time to cripple Hades’ plan and save the boy she loves?

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