Physical Attraction

Evolutionary Romance Book 2

How long can secrets last when things get physical?

Declan O’Bannon may be super strong with hands like steel, but on the inside, he’s terrified to share the truth about his sexuality with anyone. Only one person knows the truth— because it’s damn hard to keep a secret from an empath. But when he’s partnered with Henry, who smolders in more ways than one, Declan can’t fight the attraction.

Henry St. Pierre has been unlucky in love thanks to the extra heat he brings to any romance. With pyrokinetic abilities, he’s been burned far too many times. But, with Declan, he hopes things will be different. If they can get past that first date! And if the secret he harbors doesn’t tear them apart.

Will they both give in to the physical attraction burning between them? Or will the truth about Henry’s past be enough to break a man of steel?

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