Spring’s Calling

Seasons of Magic Book 1

Ezri would give up her magic to solve her mother’s murder.

But forces beyond her control—both magical and mundane—have other plans.

From childhood, she was told she, and only she, was the prophetic Savior of the magical community that exists in secret since the Salem Witch Trials. Despite turning her back on that community the day her mother died, she’s spent the last decade honing her magical skills. She’s risen in the police ranks and is ready to use her new detective’s shield to finally get some answers about her mother.

When a series of brutal murders lands in her lap, Ezri sets out to prove to herself and her mundane partner she can handle the investigation. The deeper she digs; the more evidence mounts that dark magic is behind the killings. Ezri knows traditional police work won’t be enough to stop the spree, but she can’t risk revealing the magical world.

As the clock ticks ever closer to the Vernal Equinox and the prophecy that’s plagued her since childhood, Ezri has no choice but to greet her destiny head on. Will she solve the murders and uncover the truth about her mother’s death, or will she lose the life she’s built for herself in the process?

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