Summer’s Stolen

Seasons of Magic Book 2

Averting the apocalypse was only the beginning.

Three months after saving the world, Ezri is still finding the balance between her magical responsibility as the Savior and her duties as a cop. When young girls in the magical community go missing, she doesn’t hesitate to take the case, especially when one of the victims turns out to her partner’s niece. The investigation takes Ezri to the seedy underground magical scene and back into the orbit of the dark practitioners who nearly ended the world.

With only 48 hours before the kidnapping cases go cold, Ezri needs all the allies she can get, magical or otherwise because she’s not sure the boost of the Summer Solstice will be enough to counteract the dark magic at play. With leads drying up, can she trust the new FBI agent assigned to the case?  And will bringing a new face into the fold get her burned again?

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