The Complete Series

Geeks and Things Cozy Mystery Books 0.5-5

The complete Geeks and Things Cozy Mysteries box set is here!

All Hallows Eve brings out the weird and the mysterious as Kalina Greystone and her nephew stumble upon a badly injured sorority girl at the local festival. With time running out before the event ends, can Kalina track down the attacker before they simply melt into the crowd forever?

Small-town life brings big-city problems when Kalina returns home to Ellesworth, MA to take over the family’s comic book shop. A murder at the annual Solstice Fair pushes Kalina to snoop where she doesn’t belong, much to the chagrin of former high school sweetheart, Detective Christian Harper. Will Kalina and Chris catch the killer before their thirst for blood is sated?

When Kalina’s high school best friend is implicated in death of her own father, Kalina can’t avoid digging into the case to find the truth. Is her friend guilty of patricide or are her fractured memories the result of a more sinister, year’s-long mind game?

Kalina longs for a stress-free Thanksgiving, but the family holiday turns treacherous as her sister’s college roommate appears on their doorstep, desperate to find her missing husband. But debts are owed and must be collected. Will Kalina risk her own safety in the name of catching another killer?

Wedding bells are in the air in Ellseworth, but all is not well in the small town. Brides-to-be are under attack. Will Kalina solve the series of grisly deaths before the killer finds their ultimate target?

Ghosts of long dead acquaintances surface when a woman who was presumed dead as a girl is found stabbed in a cemetery. The killer looks an awful lot like the victim’s dead brother. Kalina searches their past in the hopes of making sense of the present. But the more she digs, the darker the reality becomes. Can the family secrets stay hidden or will Kalina’s last case shed light on the tragic, heartbreaking truth?

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