Uriel’s Lariat

Celestial Academy Book 3

A dangerous relic. A devastating truth.  A murderer on the loose.

The students of Celestial Academy may be safe from persecution, but someone is hunting Fallen, leaving a trail of burned bodies in their wake. Zuri vows to protect her people, even if it means painting a target on her own back.

Miry, still reeling from the painful truth about the campus kidnapper, retreats within herself.  Helping Zuri discover who is persecuting Fallen gives her something to focus on besides heart ache. But as the girls search for Uriel’s Lariat in the hopes of using it to combat the killer, new feelings emerge, threatening their carefully built friendship.

 With more bodies piling up, stopping the killer may be the least of their troubles. Tension between Lucifer and Micheal reaches a boiling point, threatening the angelic world as a whole.

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