Winter’s Reckoning

Seasons of Magic Book 4

A case close to her heart. A final battle. The world will never be the same.

Detective Ezri Trenton is still grieving the loss of one of her greatest allies. Even though the police have deemed the case cold, Ezri refuses to give up until she finds the killer and brings them to justice. But as she chases after ghosts, old habits threaten to send her spiraling back into isolation.

With the Winter Solstice only days away, Neveah’s prophecy looms. The Order of Samael awaits its final showdown with the Savior. Ezri believes she’s uncovered the meaning behind the threat but when unexpected familiar faces emerge, her resolve weakens. Can she summon the power necessary to save the world? Will she solve the most important case since her mother’s death before it’s too late?

A reckoning is upon us. The time has come for the Savior to answer the call one last time.

Available 12/18/20