Stand Alones

Here you’ll find some of my standalone titles that don’t belong to any series.


What happens when angels are deadlier than demons? Via Carsone wants to be normal. But, a chance encounter with a mysterious man sends her barreling down a path of self-discovery that forces her to confront the fact that she is anything but normal. In a world where angels are truly the avenging hand of God, Via must find her roots if she wants to put an end to bloody trail of bodies in her wake.


A chance meeting in yoga class brings together four women with drastically different lives and one common bond: unplanned pregnancy. Shannon is raising three kids and never expected a fourth child. Lisbeth underwent IVF for her miracle baby but never planned for more than one. Renee is just starting her career and always imagined a baby would happen with her partner in the picture. Erika is all about partying not potty training and isn’t interested in the responsibility of being a mom. None of them anticipates the turns their lives take as a result of their new friendships. From moving in to moving on, they find a surprising strength in one another and rally together to weather the oncoming challenge of motherhood