About the Captivity series

In a future where shifters are kept as pets or forced to hunt their own, can two people torn apart by a society who only values them for their abilities find their way back to each other or will circumstances show them that in this world, there’s no such thing as second chances?

Captivity (Book 1)

Siren Lorelei is no stranger to challenging cases. But when the bounty for an escaped phoenix crosses her desk at the Phoenix Location Agency, she’s shocked to discover the escapee is her kidnapped boyfriend. Aiden has a target on his back, but no memory of Lorelei. He’s desperate to claim his new identity, but he’s running out of time. A deadly poison is quickly making its way to his heart and locating the cure an impossible feat, but he has no other choice. Will Lorelei condemn the man she once loved to captivity and claim the hefty bounty or will her own humanity get the better of her?

Sanctuary (Book 2)

Escaping the city was just the beginning. Chased by a deadly shiver of sirens and plagued by disaster after disaster, Aiden and Lorelei must fight at every turn for a chance at health and freedom to reach the mythic shifter safe haven of Sanctuary. With the blood graft rapidly stealing Aiden’s life, their only hope of survival as they race across the barren wilderness is to rely on each other and their friends in the Magical Creature Underground. With hearts and lives on the line, each decision Aiden and Lorelei make brings them one step closer to freedom…and one slip away from certain death.

Eternity (Book 3)

Will one more mission be the end of their freedom? When Aiden and Lorelei uncover a plot to put all shifters at risk by poisoning the City’s water supply, a decision must be made: cling to their isolationist freedom in Sanctuary or risk everything to protect not only themselves and their loved ones, but all shifter-kind. Failure to act means more than just losing the home they fought so hard to find. The very existence of shifters hangs in the balance. Aiden, Lorelei, and their allies must do whatever it takes to beat back the Booshie elite. Even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.