About the Celestial Academy series

When an angelic academy becomes ground zero for the impending apocalypse, the daughters of two warring angels must battle all manner of Heaven and Hell–not to mention their growing attraction–to save humanity and each other.

Lucifer’s Emblem (Book 1)

Zuri knows she’s next in line to rule Hell, until the theft of a priceless family relic throws her future into chaos. Now, to reclaim what’s hers, she must infiltrate the prestigious Celestial Academy. Even if it means lying her way in. Miryam’s famous Archangel father treats her like she doesn’t exist, fueling her insecurity and self-doubt. She pretends she’s got it all together until confident, badass Zuri ends up as her roommate. The longer they spend together, the harder it is to keep up the façade. When they uncover plans to unleash Armageddon, they have no choice but to come clean. With Zuri’s life on the line, her only hope of survival is to trust Miryam. But is their growing bond strong enough to overcome eons of bad blood between Fallen and Archangels?

Gabriel’s Scroll (Book 2)

Finding her place at Celestial Academy as the only Fallen is tougher than Zuri expects. She has to try ten times harder to fit in and show that Fallen and Archangels can coexist. When Zuri nearly becomes the latest kidnapping victim—disappearances Archangel Michael ignores—she and Miry set out to hunt down the kidnapper and stop them before more kids vanish and that means locating Gabriel’s Scroll. Their search sends the girls right into the path of the Mother of Demons. An enigmatic figure who knows too much about them, does she hold the key to finding the missing students? As they race to stop the next attack, will the ugly truth behind the kidnappings force a wedge between Zuri and Miry, tearing apart their carefully constructed alliance?

Uriel’s Lariat (Book 3)

Someone is hunting Fallen, leaving a trail of burned bodies in their wake. Zuri vows justice for her people. As the future leader of Hell, it is her duty to protect, not delegate the job . In the process, she pushes her simmering feelings for Miry down to focus on finding the murderer. Miry dulls her relationship pain by throwing all her energy into helping Zuri protect Fallen. They plan to fight fire with fire by using Uriel’s lariat. Getting their hands on Uriel’s well-guarded relic is easier said than done. The more time they spend together, the clearer Miry’s mixed emotions become. As they lure the suspected attacker into a trap, will they find themselves on the receiving end of a disastrous surprise? And will a deadly mistake decimate Miry and Zuri’s burgeoning relationship for good?

Michael’s Blade (Book 4)

With her father missing, Zuri fights to keep Hell from falling into the wrong hands. And, are her new-found feelings for Miry even real?  Miry, battling her grief, must decide whether what she feels for Zuri is worth fighting for.  Romance takes a back seat as they race to recover Michael’s Blade and thwart a second Heavenly War. With obstacles mounting against them, can Miry and Zuri stand up to God’s fiercest warrior and save an innocent life or will their year of showing Fallen and Archangels can co-exist end in them both making the ultimate sacrifice?