Hi, I’m Sarah!

I write urban fantasy. I also write cozy mysteries under the pen name S.E. Biglow.

For a long time, I thought being a successful author meant doing what everyone else was doing, but I never really quite fit what was hot and new. These days, I write what moves me (and that includes creating and expanding my Seasons of Magic universe).

I am also finding ways to connect with my readers on a more personal level. That means broadening my definition of success and what it means to be an author. Now I want to deliver my stories to you the reader in as direct a fashion as I can, while also being able to really guide where my author business goes.

That means you’ll find my series available for sale right here (often at a discount) and other opportunities to get awesome perks by joining my community.

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brookhaven paranormal cozies are coming to kickstarter!

A reluctant witch blossoms into an amateur sleuth in this series full of quirky magic, snarky sidekicks and small-town charm

For Fantasy Fans

Spring's Calling by Sarah Biglow

Do you love urban fantasy with a savior fighting for the fate of the world and magic ties to nature?

Unseen Magic by Sarah Biglow

Or do you prefer a reluctant heroine finding her place while solving perplexing magical mysteries?

Her Sapphire Blade Deluxe E-Book by Sarah Biglow

Or maybe you crave a heroine destined to cross magical realms in search of her true place?

For Cozy Mystery Fans

Pains and Penalties by S.E. Biglow

Do you love your cozies with small town intrigue mixed with a quirky shop owner?

Into the Lion's Den by S.E. Biglow

Or do you prefer a little faith and some life lessons mixed in with a strong leading lady?

High Noon by S.E. Biglow

Or maybe you crave a little magic and drama mixed with a burgeoning sleuth?