Seasons of Magic Universe

Where strong women wield fierce magic

World of Seasons of Magic

Not many people can say they got their idea for a book from a law school lecture. I just happen to have two books that came out of my time studying the legal profession! For whatever inexplicable reason during discussions on searches and seizures in Criminal Procedure during my second year, I was struck with the inspiration to write about a cop who was a witch. Initially, I knew I wanted her sidelined from an investigation to deal with a magical problem, but it would take me six years and just as many drafts to hone the first of Ezri’s adventures into the book that it became.

I felt it was important to build a magical world that reflected reality and obeyed our laws of nature, and I really enjoyed leaning on the link to the natural change in seasons as an integral piece of the puzzle. Perhaps one of my favorite parts of crafting this series was the fact that it is populated with characters whose stories weren’t fully explored within the four books of this series. It gives me a chance to revisit the world and these characters I’ve come to love for years to come and I look forward to being able to share that expansion with you!

In the Seasons of Magic ‘verse, magic exists in all things and in people who have the ability to harness and use it. It’s not good or evil, but rather shaped by the wielder’s intent.  The overall strength of a person’s magic ebbs and wanes with the changing of the seasons but there is always balance. There’s no special words that need to be said to cast a spell, just putting one’s desire out into the world, but focus objects can help a caster channel their power. Importantly, magic is passed through the maternal line. When I was first creating this world, I wanted to put the emphasis on women being the ones to carry the power. That’s not to say men aren’t powerful, but this world really follows the women who step up to the plate. There are plenty of non-magical kick-ass ladies in this world who I adore that play a vital role across all of the existing series.

Universe Timeline

Below you’ll find a handy universe timeline as well as suggested chronologial reading order.