About the Reverend Margot Quade Cozy Mystery series

In the small town of Port Marie, Vermont, one reverend comes home from war to find herself pulled into solving the town’s darkest mysteries. Can she crack the case before its too late?

into the lion’s den (book 1)

Reverend Margot Quade never expected to be dropped in the midst of a murder. She just wanted to get reacquainted with her hometown of Port Marie, Vermont, maybe find her place in the world again after serving her tour of duty. But when a friendly dinner with a member of her unit turns deadly, she’s pulled into a mystery she can’t help but solve. Then things go from dead to worse when she and all the suspects are stuck in the victim’s home during the worst snowstorm her little town has seen in decades. Now she’ll need more than a prayer to discover the truth behind who wanted the victim out of the picture … and to stay alive herself. To complicate matters, her strained relationship with her cousin, who just happens to be the attending officer, threatens to ruin the whole investigation.



the sacrificial lamb (book 2)

Spring has come to Port Marie, Vermont, shedding new light on old mysteries. When Margot discovers two sets of skeletal remains in the church basement, she can’t help snooping, despite Sam’s warning. Her search leads her to the disappearance of the church custodian’s son. When a new twist in the case has Margot digging into the disappearance of two other boys, a disturbing pattern is revealed. Now, with a fourth boy missing, Margot can’t sit this one out. Will the good reverend be able to save him and solve the old mystery without losing her own life? Or has she dug a little too deep into the past to find her way out?

cast the first stone (book 3)

When a casual jog turns into a missing persons discovery, Margot s thrown off her game. Turns out, the wounded woman she found begging her for help is her high school best friend Olivia Van Ness, a woman presumed dead for over fifteen years. Sleuthing leads Margot to a ready made suspect, Penelope’s high-school boyfriend, but even that clue is not all it appears to be. Nothing about this case makes sense on the surface. Can Margot take off the blinders of her youth and get to the bottom of the case before someone who wants them all dead finishes what they started?

my brother’s keeper (book 4)

After the year she’s had, Reverend Margot Quade is ready to spend New Years at a cozy bed and breakfast to recharge. The Lord has other ideas. When one of the guests ends up dead, Margot can’t help but investigate. Without her usual crime fighting partner, Margot teams up with another amateur sleuth to find the truth.
As evidence points to one of the guests, Margot digs into the connections linking the victim and the potential killer. What she finds threatens to expose a deadly secret. One that could ruin more lives if not brought to light.

love thy neighbor (book 5)

A year and a half after accepting the calling to return to her home church in Port Marie, Margot is finally moving into the parsonage. The festivities to celebrate the move come to a painful halt when one of the attendees falls gravely ill. The symptoms of a stroke mask the true crime as Margot and Sam search for answers. The case leads Margot to uncover a longstanding feud between the victim, a Muslim, and the neighboring Jewish family. When the neighbor falls ill with the same symptoms, Margot wonders if someone is using the feud as a cover to target families of faith. When she discovers a link between the victims that points to a perpetrator, she races against the clock, praying she’s not too late to repair the damage done by a broken soul.

brothers in arms (book 6)

Port Marie’s Veteran’s Day celebration and parade reunites Margot with her old army buddy Derek Nesbit. When Derek and Sam vanish at the end of the parade, Margot fears something is amiss. A ransom note with the promise that at least one won’t survive the day confirms her suspicions. Now, she is left to chase down the ghosts of her military past in the hopes of bringing her family home safe. Even if it means ignoring police directives. With time running short, Margot uncovers a shocking truth about a comrade who made the ultimate sacrifice. Determined to not let history repeat itself, Margot races headlong into danger, with only a prayer that the Lord will see her through.