About the Kismet Academy series

In a world filled with the power to grant your every wish, one young woman must find her place and accept her destiny.

Luck Maker (Book 1)

Mae Lin Zhou has struggled to live up to her father’s expectations all her life. When her dying grandmother chooses her to carry the family’s ability to make luck, she thinks this is her chance. If she can learn to control her new power. Whisked away to Kismet Academy, Mae Lin finds herself thrust into a world of djinn, leprechauns, and wishers. Everyone seems so confident in their gifts and their place, leaving her feeling lost and alone. There is something sinister calling to Mae Lin, the lure of a long buried secret on the grounds of the academy. One her grandmother warned her about in her last fortune– an angry djinn more powerful than any before him with a vendetta against her family. And he just might make Mae Lin break the one rule at Kismet Academy: never say I wish.


Luck Breaker (Book 2)

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Luck Changer (Book 3)

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