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Kismet Academy books

Mae Lin Zhou has struggled to live up to her father’s expectations all her life.

She wishes just once she could make him proud, and when her dying grandmother chooses her to carry the family’s ability to make luck, she thinks this is her chance.

If she can learn to control her new power.

Thrust into the fantastical world of Kismet Academy, Mae Lin must learn to harness her new abilities all while facing threats from her family’s past.

Along the way, she’ll gain allies and enemies who will help shape the person she will become.

Getting to graduation day may feel like a long shot, but if she can master her skills, she might just have a hope of conquering the evil that’s coming for her and her friends.

KISMET ACADEMY: THE COMPLETE SERIES contains all three books in the Kismet Academy paranormal academy series. This series is full of diverse characters, exciting magic and mystery.

Readers are saying…


“It’s a great introduction to this incredible world full of magic, mystery, murder and twists and turns and secrets.” – deboraheyre (Bookbub review)


“this was another great entry in the Kismet Academy series, it was what I was hoping for.” – darkphoenixfan2002 (Bookbub review)


“…an intriguing, action packed YA paranormal read that draws you in” – deboraheyre (Bookbub review)