She’s done with the past.

Too bad it still has lessons to teach.

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Agents of Magic by Sarah Biglow

Kayla Rogers never intended to be a hero.

But galvanized by sacrifices made by her friends, she can’t help but step up to the plate.

Joining the FBI was the easy part. She never expected to face down her own past, let alone the magically entangled pasts of her closest allies.

From magically-inclined bank robbers, to cold cases and bombs, Kayla and her team have their work cut out for them.

With the help of friends old and new, Kayla must untangle the mysteries laid out before her to save her city and find her place within it. Will she live up to the legacy others have left behind?

AGENTS OF MAGIC: THE COMPLETE SERIES contains all three books in the Agents of Magic Urban Fantasy series. This series is full of strong female leads, exciting magic and mystery.

Readers are saying…


“Mystery, magic and full of the supernatural, this urban fantasy has my attention and I cannot wait to read more!” – deboraheyre (Bookbub review)


The characters were great, and I quite enjoyed this.” – PenKay (Bookbub review)


“This is a fast-paced tale that mixes elements of UF and police procedural, that keeps the reader invested into the plot from cover to cover” – katheyer (Bookbub review)