About the Agents of Magic series

Newly-minted FBI Agent Kayla Rogers finds herself chasing down ghosts from the past as she teams up with familiar faces in the Seasons of Magic world to protect the magical and mundane citizens of Boston.

Unseen Magic (Book 1)

She’s done with the past. Too bad it has one last lesson to teach. Newly-minted FBI Agent Kayla Rogers is eager to take on her first assignment out of the academy until she’s detailed to a taskforce back home in Boston, hurtling her into the heart of the reason her magic turned on her years ago. With a magically inclined bank robbery crew ramping up their attacks, Kayla and her team will have to piece together the clues fast to stop the spree. The more she digs, the more Kayla realizes the crew’s tactics are connected to her own criminal past. Stopping the crew before they reach their ultimate target means becoming the woman she used to be. With time running short, will Kayla be able to keep ahold of her magic and her new identity or will the case drag her back into her past for good?

Unspoken Magic (Book 2)

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Untouched Magic (Book 3)

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