The legends got it wrong…

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Guardians deluxe editions

Morgan le Fey has never been good at magic. Despite her aunt’s insistence that she has great power and royal blood in her veins, it’s just never felt true in her modern London life. The tales she heard as a child of the kingdom of Camelot and her place in it were just stories woven to bolster her spirits. And when her magic fails to protect her loved ones, Morgan is certain she’s not meant to be a witch.

Until a stranger appears on her doorstep, insisting that she has a destiny to fulfill in a kingdom she always believed was fantasy.

The moment she sets foot in present-day Camelot, the connection to her magic she’s longed for snaps to attention. 

Reclaiming her throne and assembling her sisterhood of witch knights are only the beginning.

GUARDIANS OF CAMELOT is a portal fantasy series full of strong women and fierce magic and is part of the Seasons of Magic universe.

Readers are saying…



“A magical and exciting read” – Madilynn Dale (BookBub reviewer)


“There is something for everyone in this book” – Aimee Bower (BookBub reviewer)