For every savior there is a season…

…And for every Savior a Destiny

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Seasons of Magic books

When a series of brutal crimes lands in her lap, newly-minted Detective Ezri Trenton sets out to prove to herself and her non-magical partner she can handle the investigations.

And when members of the magical community lose their magic, Ezri scrambles to unearth the how and why. The deeper she digs, the more evidence mounts that dark magic is behind each case.

Every step forward threatens her resolve, making her question her title of Savior of the magical community.

But when darkness reigns, can she stand as a beacon of light? Or will she make the ultimate sacrifice to defend her world?

SEASONS OF MAGIC: THE COMPLETE SERIES contains all four books in the Seasons of Magic Urban Fantasy series plus two exclusive bonus short stories. This series is full of strong female leads, exciting magic and mystery.

Readers are saying…


“If you are a fan of urban fantasy like I am,….this series is for you.” – Erin E Wolf (Goodreads reviewer)


“A magical and exciting read” – Madilynn Dale (BookBub reviewer)


“There is something for everyone in this book” – Aimee Bower (BookBub reviewer)