About the Geeks and Things Cozy Mystery series

In the small town of Ellesworth, Massachusetts, comic book shop owner Kalina Greystone returns home and quickly finds herself embroiled in a series of mysteries she can’t help but solve. Despite all of the mayhem, she may just find love.

pains and penalties (book 1)

Kalina Greystone’s return home to Ellesworth, MA to take over the family’s comic book shop brings back old friends and even older secrets. The death of her Great Aunt Agatha in plain sight at the annual Solstice Fair pushes her to snoop where she doesn’t belong–much to the chagrin of former high school sweetheart, Detective Christian Harper. As Kalina digs into her great aunt’s past, she uncovers a dark truth that Agatha and her closest friends were hoping to take to the grave. A truth the killer wants revealed. Will Kalina and Chris catch the killer before the killer’s thirst for vengeance is sated?

Forgive and forget (book 2)

Murder hits close to home. When her childhood best friend is implicated in her own father’s murder, Kalina can’t help nosing in and uses her newly rekindled relationship with the town’s top detective to find the truth. As the facts stack up against her friend, Kalina is left to wonder: is she guilty of patricide or are her fractured memories the result of a more sinister, years’ long mind game?

debts and debtors (book 3)

Debts must be paid… A family-focused holiday is all she wants for her first Thanksgiving back in Ellesworth but a surprise visit from her sister’s college roommate tears Kalina away from the festivities. A simple missing person’s case quickly escalates to murder. As she searches for answers, will Kalina find herself at the mercy of a very dangerous debt collector?

have and hold (book 4)

Wedding bells toll disaster. Marriage vows are on the horizon for Ellesworth’s resident amateur sleuth. But what should be a happy time is marred by a new case to solve. Brides-to-be are under attack, turning up dead missing their left ring fingers. Heartbreak is a powerful motivator and the longer Kalina searches the clearer it becomes that their killer is a scorned lover. Will Kalina solve the series of grisly deaths before the killer finds their ultimate target?

Saints and Sinners (Book 5)

Ghosts from the past come back to haunt her. When Kalina finds a woman who was presumed dead as a girl stabbed in a cemetery, she can’t help but solve one final case. Not when the killer-caught on video-looks an awful lot like the victim’s dead brother. She searches their past in the hopes of making sense of the present. But the more she digs, the darker the reality becomes. Systemic sibling abuse and parental neglect abound. Will the family secrets stay buried or will Kalina’s last case finally shed light on the tragic, heartbreaking truth?