come for the magic, stay for the mystery

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Brookhaven cozy mysteries books 1-6

Darcy Ingram came to the small town of Brookhaven for a fresh start and a safe place to hone her hedge witch powers. She even landed a job at the local marijuana dispensary. 

But before long, a series of supernatural mysteries ensnare her.

From murdered co-workers to infidelity and supernatural vendettas, Darcy faces an uphill battle against a Police Chief who doesn’t trust her and townspeople who don’t know her. 

Aided by the snarky ghost who haunts the B&B where she lives and a telepathic chameleon along with some trusted living allies, she might just be able to unravel these mysteries and get her blossoming magic under control. 

BROOKHAVEN PARANORMAL MYSTERIES is a cozy mystery series that mixes supernatural who-don-it with quirky characters and small-town charm.

Readers are saying…


“…a fun, fast-paced, paranormal cozy mystery with interesting characters full of mystery, suspense and action” – wkertbun (Bookbub review)


“You know what I love? Witches. Magical towns. Magical pets. Fabulously twisty mysteries where I don’t figure out the ending on page 3, but it still makes sense.” – Ada Bell (Bookbub review)


 “This is a cozy witch mystery with a supposedly quiet town. The story is well written and easy to read with a fun setting and cast.” – dougkoshwilliamson (Bookbub review)