I think it is important for my own growth and education as an author to see how I am doing year over year. It allows me to gauge what is working, what needs to change and where I am reaching the goals I’ve set for myself. Like last year, I’m going to do a snapshot of the year before versus the current year.



Total Expenses: $10,184.36

Total Earnings*: $12,533.21 ($7,738 royalties)

Number of books published: 7**

* This includes both royalties earned and income from freelance work

** This includes 6 boxed set collections of existing series


Total Expenses: $$18,507.82

Total Earnings***: $18,633.87 ($9,399.55 royalties)

Number of books published: 6


*** This includes royalties paid, Kickstarter income and income from freelance work
Now, I did earn about $8,900 in royalties for 2022 as well.


So, why am I changing up how I am tracking and presenting my data? The simple answer is taxes. I know it sounds boring but I can only report the income I’ve actually been paid and most retailers are anywhere from 1-3 months behind on what I’ve earned versus when I’ve been paid. So I track both metrics now and going forward for these yearly posts, I will be doing the tallies based on earnings paid in the year.

Like 2021, I had expenses I wasn’t anticipating, but this year they came in the form of courses I’m investing in for my future as an author. I purchased three courses specifically geared toward selling wide and direct (both via my website and via Kickstarter). These are expenses I shouldn’t have again moving forward but they are ones that I am happy I made this year. Sure, I didn’t end 2022 with nearly as much profit like I had in 2021 but it shows me that I am trending in the right direction.

Taking a look back at the goals I set out for 2022, I wish I could say I achieved more of them. I’ve stuck to my set publishing schedule and I’ve begun the deeper dive I need to learn to sell direct. I wish i could say I am finding it easier to refill my creative well and take that time, but I think that is going to be my biggest hurdle for a while. But, I’m getting there.


2023 Goals

So, what do I hope to accomplish in 2023? Here’s another list:


      • Commit to monthly marketing for both e-books and audiobooks
      • Run 3 Kickstarter campaigns (including launching brand new books)
      • Continue to learn direct sales
      • Making time to refill my creative well

I hope you’ll come join me as I continue this journey.