So I realize I have been MIA for the last few months. I do apologize for that.  I ended up landing full-time employment and got focused on that.  But I’m back and with some new things!

First, I just want to address an issue that may be altered in the future.  For the time being I have disabled comments as I was receiving thousands of spam comments daily.  After release, I will likely turn comments back on but all comments will have to be approved by me.

Secondly, I’ve picked up reading a few more books so don’t be surprised if another In Review post shows up in the next couple weeks.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve updated the Books page with the new release date (December 21, 2012) as well as the tagline and blurb for UNPLANNED.  I am now going to share the fabulous cover art as well as the excerpt.  Both of these will also make their way to the Books page eventually (as will Buy links as soon as they become available).



By three thirty that afternoon, Lisbeth pulled into the parking lot of a little diner in Cambridge. She spotted Shannon’s van a few spots over and hoped she wasn’t too late. She walked in and spotted her friends in a nearby booth. Pointing to them, she smiled and nodded to the hostess before walking over.
“Sorry I’m late,” she apologized and squeezed into the booth beside Erika.

“Don’t worry. We haven’t ordered yet,” Erika said.

“You look flushed,” Renee said.

“I was rushing around after work. They had a surprise shower for me.”

“Lucky. All I got at work was a whiny two-year-old who threw French fries at me,” Erika said.

“See what you’re giving up,” Shannon teased.

“I’ll pass on the tantrums, thanks.”

“How are you doing?” Lisbeth asked Shannon.

“Things aren’t exactly great. But we’ve started going to a counselor. We’re working on our communication and we’ve managed to decide on a name for the baby. Aiden. What about you? Does Rachel’s brother have a name yet?”

“No. I feel so bad.”

“What if we all write down a random name and see what sounds best?” Renee suggested.

“This from the girl who has her daughter’s name but is keeping it under lock and key like it’s a national secret,” Erika said.

“I like that idea,” Shannon said. She pulled a bunch of napkins out of the dispenser and passed  them around.

Lisbeth watched her friends scribble names down and pass them to her. She looked through them smiling and laughing as she read the suggested names. She was sure some of the other people sitting around them gave her dirty looks.

“What?” Shannon asked.

“Which one of you wrote down Evan-Michael-Jamal.”

Erika raised her hand.

“He’s got two last names as it is. Can’t make his life hell by giving him three first names.”

“He’d be unforgettable though.”

Lisbeth shook her head and flipped to the next one. “Patrick wouldn’t be too bad. I’ll keep that one.”

The last one. “Nicholas isn’t too bad either.”

“Sure, pick the traditional names,” Erika said with a wink.

Before Lisbeth could tease her back, their waiter arrived with four waters and two chocolate milkshakes.

“Oh that looks good. I’ll have one of those,” Lisbeth said.

“Sure. Are we ready to order?” the waiter asked.

“We still need a few minutes,” Lisbeth said.

He nodded and disappeared in the direction of the kitchen. Lisbeth turned to the menu in front of her and flipped through it.

“You guys have any preferences?”

“Something big and greasy,” Renee answered

“Aren’t we the poster child for health,” Shannon said.

“I have a craving. Onion rings.”

“Oh that sounds good. Let’s order two.” Erika agreed.

“What would Carolyn say?” Lisbeth asked with a smirk.

“She’d say to steady our breathing.”

“I’m so glad I met you all. You’ve made the last six months amazing,” Lisbeth said as the waiter came back with her milkshake.