I wanted to let you all know that I’ve scheduled a 10-stop Spotlight blog tour from March 4-20.  I’ll be posting the links to the posts as they go live.  I thought I’d share the schedule ahead of time though.

3/4/13 – Tamaria Soana
3/5/13  – Colorimetry
3/6/13 – New Age Mama
3/8/13 – Viari Rose
3/11/13 – Reading, Writing, and Roses
3/12/13 – Book Babe
3/14/13 – Melisa Keir
3/15/13 – Lacey Wolfe
3/18/13 – Ella Jade
3/19/13 – The Ebook Reviewers
3/20/13 – Deal Sharing Aunt

3/20/13 – Harlie’s Books
I also have an update on my writing resolutions.  I have ticked off one of my goals: this past weekend I finish the first draft of my NaNoWriMo 2012 novel.  I’m quite pleased to have finished this draft.  I already have ideas for changes for the next draft and hope to beef up the storyline and word count to about 80,000 words.
I’m also considering revising my revision goals.  I think I may switch the time frames and aim to begin querying by August and subbing to publishers by the end of October.  I’m focusing on the project I want to send to agents next so it would make sense I would start sending that out into the world sooner.
I’m looking forward to moving forward with my goals for the year as well as getting some other people exposed to Unplanned.  Here’s hoping I can garner some new readers and reviews!