2021 is nearly upon us and I wanted to share that I will be producing the rest of the Margot Quade series, along with the Seasons of Magic series in audio. They should all hopefully be out by the end of 2021 or the very start of 2022. But, if you want to check out what my books sound like in audio, you’re in luck. Both Into the Lion’s Den and Pains and Penalties are available in audio.

Pains and Penalties sample

by Barbara Nevins Taylor (Narrator)

I hope you’ll go grab a copy and take a listen. I think both books came out very well and I’m very proud of the work that both narrators put into them. Please note that if you get them through Audible, please don’t exchange them to use a credit a second time. Audiobooks are not cheap to produce and returning them/exchanging for the credit strips the sale from me and means I don’t get the royalties your purchase would have afforded me.