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A dangerous relic. A devastating truth. A murderer on the loose.

Someone is hunting Fallen, leaving a trail of burned bodies in their wake. Zuri vows justice for her people. As the future leader of Hell, it is her duty to protect, not delegate the job . In the process, she pushes her simmering feelings for Miry down to focus on finding the murderer.

Miry dulls her relationship pain by throwing all her energy into helping Zuri protect Fallen. They plan to fight fire with fire by using Uriel’s lariat. Getting their hands on Uriel’s well-guarded relic is easier said than done. The more time they spend together, the clearer Miry’s mixed emotions become.

As they lure the suspected attacker into a trap, will they find themselves on the receiving end of a disastrous surprise? And will a deadly mistake decimate Miry and Zuri’s burgeoning relationship for good?