December 21st is finally upon us.  If you believe the Mayans, this is the last day we’re all going to be on the planet.  So, you know what that means.  Go out and get your copy of Unplanned before we all cease to exist!



I’ve included links of where you can purchase a copy on the Books page but for ease of access, I’ll copy them here in this post.

Musa – here’s how to download to your various devices.



I’ve also added a new widget to the side bar.  You can now request a personalized autograph from me.  In the future I may also use that as a contest prize.

In terms of promotion, I have two events planned in January.

The first is unfortunately a rather exclusive shindig.  Well unfortunate for all you non-state employees who don’t work in my office.  I’m throwing a slightly delayed release party on January 4, cake included.  I figured it would be nice to share the goodness with my colleagues.

The second event is taking place on January 20 at the Rocky Hill Congregational Church in Rocky Hill, CT.  This event is open to anyone who is interested and will likely begin around 12:00-12:15pm.  I will be doing an author talk.  Here’s the press release about the event (there will also be cake at this event, because who doesn’t love cake?  And us Congregationalists really like to eat):

Come and Meet the Author!  On January 20, 2013, stay after church to chat with Sarah Biglow about her debut novel, UNPLANNED (Musa Publishing December 21, 2012).  Sarah encourages you to purchase the book ahead of time and then join her for a discussion of her writing process as well as a Q&A about the book.

Copies can be purchased online from Barnes & Noble, Amazon or the publisher’s website for Nook, Kindle and other mobile devices. Information will also be available for anyone interested in purchasing the book after the talk.

So a lot is going on in the next few weeks to celebrate this milestone.  Also, expect an In Review post after the first of the year on the latest Dresden book along with my Writer’s New Year’s Resolution on December 31st.